Team and Partners

Academic partners:

Dr Sue Porter (Project Lead)
University of Bristol, Norah Fry Research Centre
(Disability studies, narrative methods, Cabot Institute),

Prof Deirdre Heddon
University of Glasgow
(Contemporary Performance Practices, including: site-based performance; devising and collaborative forms of creation; environmentalism and performance, and walking practices)

Dr Suze Adams and Dr Shawn Sobers
University of West of England – Visual Culture Research Group
(Participatory photography, community media, socially engaged arts practice, arts as research method)

Co-­researchers and Community partners:

Alison Parfitt
Sustainability practitioners networks
Honorary Research Fellow in the Wildland Research Institute, University of Leeds

Anna Wheeler
WECIL Peer Support Group

Co-researchers / Walking Partners

Walking Pair 1 - Anais Leger and Julie Whittaker –  (with Julie’s husband Andrew Whittaker)
1 - Anais Leger and Julie Whittaker -  with Julies husband

Walking Pair 2 – Liz Crow and Rosalind J Turner
2 - Liz Crow2 - Rosalind Tuner

Walking Pair 3 - Tom Henfrey and Dale Durrant
3 - Tom Henfrey3 - Dale  Durrant

Walking Pair 4 - Raheela Raza-Syed and Paul Noone
4 - Raheela Raza-Syed5 - Paul Noone

Walking Pair 5 – Tony Benson and Sue Liebow
5 - Tony Benson - resized5 - Sue Liebow

Walking Pair 6 - Sharon Millard and Soledad Riestra
6 -  Sharon Millard - Soledad Riestra

Walking Pair 7 (pilot walk) - Karen Morgan and Courtney Planter (with Courtney’s PA, Anthony)
7 - Karen Morgan and Courtney Planter

Walking Pair 8 - Terry Searle and Glenise Morgan
8 - Terry Searle8 - Glenise Morgan

Walking Group 9 - Neil, Professor Jane Speedy and Hayley Hellings
9 - Neil Croom9 - Professor Jane Speedy  9 - Hayley Hellings

A huge thank you to all of the PAs who accompanied the groups on their walks.