Walk in someone else’s shoes

As part of the AHRC Connected Communities Festival in Cardiff, July 2014, we offered visitors to the event the opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes.  Prior to the event we invited two of our co-researchers, Liz Crow and Tom Henfrey, to conduct a walk near the festival site, which we documented their experiences and turned into a map, for others to re-trace their steps. Liz is a wheelchair user, and Tom is ‘able bodied’.

During the walk the participants were supplied with mp3 players and were asked to listen to the audio play on the first stage of the walk, and on the way back the facilitator Dee Heddon discussed the experiences Liz and Tom had during their walk, highlighting to the walkers the different lived experiences that people have even in seemingly every day ‘neutral’ occurrences.

map still
We are now developing the opportunity to offer similar walk experiences to groups in Bristol, based on the routes undertaken by our co-researchers for this research project.  If you are interested in your group walking in someone else’s shoes and have enlightening conversations, please do contact us.

See the map for the Cardiff walk here. (pdf)

Photographs from the Cardiff walk.

IMG_2460 IMG_2467 IMG_2468 IMG_2472 IMG_2473 IMG_2479 IMG_2488 IMG_2495 IMG_2510 IMG_2515 IMG_2521 IMG_2524 IMG_2537 IMG_2543 IMG_2549 IMG_2555 IMG_2561 IMG_2572 IMG_2582 IMG_2586 IMG_2588