Our findings in brief

Walking Interconnections research harnessed arts-based and narrative inquiry methods to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and insights into different experiences in and of the world.

These dialogues have allowed us to understand more about different forms of resilience in support of the transition to a sustainable society, including:

finding 1
finding 2
finding 3
finding 4

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Having disseminated these insights at an event in Bristol in November 2013 (attended by over 40 people, drawn from a range of stakeholder organisations), we are keen to extend the impact of our research.

Reflective, written responses to that local event indicate the potential for these findings to impact on organisations’ engagement with disabled people – people with knowledge – as they plan their sustainability policies and practices:

“I’m taking away how important and valuable it is to listen and understand the different ways people experience a journey.”

“Exclusion is especially about physical barriers and inclusion is often about relationships.”

“The afternoon has reinforced the need to involve the widest range of people in influencing ‘walkability’ in Greater Bedminster.”